Programmatically Sending Strokes to MyScript

We have a project where we have a lot of scanned handwritten forms and are separately working on algorithms for stroke extraction from handwriting. The stroke data will be a series of x,y points.

Does anybody have any ideas on the approach for incorporating MyScript into a tool where it is programmatically sending the strokes and then retrieving the text result?

Any thoughts on this would be most welcome.

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Dear Chris,
Depending on your application and development environment, you will have to choose one of our widget in the Application Tool Kit package or our cloud offer.
If you choose a widget, I invite you to check the AddStroke api (in addition, you can also browse the forum to find other posts about 'AddStroke' api) to send coordinates to the widget you will choose.
Regarding the cloud, this post may interest you:

Best regards

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