On the same input the ATK and CDK return two different results

When i use the math widget,
on the same input but return two different results,
for example,
i handwritten a braces and superscript is x=-1, subscript is y=1,
the ATK result is { ^{x=-1}_{y=1},
and the CDK result is begin{cases} x=-1 y=1end{cases},
what happen?
i need the result is begin{cases} x=-1 y=1end{cases},
so the ATK's result is error for me,
what should i do?

I found the ATK's math widget can not recognise like the LaTeX begin{cases} x=1 y=1 z=1end{cases}

Dear Sir,

The difference between ATK and CDK recognition result can be explained because the current CDK version is based on the latest official core-technology version and offers multiline (and equation system) Math recognition. The application tool Kit version 2.2 is based on the previous SDK version and does not offer yet this ability.
So if you need to recognize equation system, multiline equation or matrices, it is currently only possible with our CDK offer on the developer portal.
Please accept our apologies for this limitation. Rest assured we will communicate as soon as an update will be available.

Best regards

Dear Cate,
Thanks for your answer, how long will it can be updated?

We cannot communicate regarding our release agenda yet, but we will keep you updated!

Best regards and Merry Christmas

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