SCWSingleCharWidget confuses some of japaneses characters


I am plying with MyScript iOS API and I like it very much! It was easy to integrate, samples cover all not obvious cases.

I configured SCWSingleCharWidget for Japanese language, however it pretty often confuses following cases:

1) を and さ  (recognizes を instead of さ)
2) を and さ  (recognizes を instead of そ)
3) ん and h (recognizes h instead of ん)
4) ろ and 3 (recognizes 3 instead of ろ)
5) ち and 5 (recognizes 5 instead of ち)
6) こ and フ、 つ、 一、(recognizes フ、 つ、 一 instead of こ)
7) け and は
Assumed, that handwriting was proper.

Can I configure SCWSingleCharWidget somehow to reduce occurrences of such mistakes?

Thank you!

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Dear Olena,

thank you for contacting us.

Such confusion in between characers sometimes happen. To prevent from this, one solution consists in creating a subset knowledge in which you put the characters you want to recognize. This way, you should not face as many confusion in between characters: https://developer-support.myscript.com/support/discussions/topics/16000007801.

Best regards,



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