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Hey guys. Wouldn't it be nice if there are also offers for trial licenses for ATK? Currently with the ATK, from what I understand, if a user uninstalls a moment later after trying the app, the activated license is wasted. I think that this encourages developers to put a good price to the app they made with myscript so that users will think twice before buying it and before uninstalling it. With a trial license, users can install the app and use the handwriting recognition for a limited time. With this, the app can be tested without activating a license. More users will be encouraged to try the app out, which can mean that more might stick to it. Please consider this! Thanks.

Dear Virgil,

We understand and appreciate your suggestion, it will be shared internally for future decisions regarding our developer offer.

Rest assured new announcements will be available on our website and on social networks.

Best regards

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Thank you for considering this! If you do decide to implement this, there is one minimal change you can do to the atk. You can give us some control over the grace period feature. If devs can choose to give them the grace period even if they have internet connection, it will have the same effect as a trial license. More customers for us means more customers for you ;) Thank you for having a very active support in this forum. I will stay tuned to new announcements.
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