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(iOS) SCWSingleCharWidget unstable at large sizes

ATK 2.2 (iOS)

Xcode 8.2

Swift 3

Devices tested on:

iPad Pro, iOS 10.1

iPhone 7+, iOS 10.2.1

SCWSingleCharWidget crashes in the following scenarios:

• After a variable-number series of fast gestures (e.g. a rapid succession of straight lines)

• Drawing a line between two opposite corners of the view.

The latter point is 100% reproducible, but only if the SCWSingleCharWidget is of a large enough size. The size dimensions which cause the crash are fairly consistent, however those dimensions differ between landscape and portrait orientations.

Here are the threshold values I found that trigger the crash. The first number is the distance between the corners of the SCWSingleCharWidget, followed by the widget’s width and height in parentheses:


1444.49 (992.0 x 1050.0)

1444.49 (992.0 x 1050.0)

1488.82 (824.0 x 1240.0)


1555.49 (1334.0 x 800.0)

1550.37 (1334.0 x 790.0)

1545.3 (1334.0 x 780.0)

All values above were gathered while testing on an iPad pro.

The first issue listed at the top (regarding rapid gestures) is less reliably reproduced, but does seem to happen _more_ often the larger the widget is.

Please let me know if there is any other information that I can provide.

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Dear Christopher,

thank you for contacting us.

On my side, I tried to reproduce with the default sample, setting the distance as you pointed (witj en_US as default language).

Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce. Is it possible to learn more about your use-case? Which languages are you setting? Did change any other setting? Would you have a log file, or ideally, is it possible to get your project, so that we can reproduce faster?

Thank you,

Best regards,


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