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 Hi guy.

Im developing web application, i not clear about 40 licences, can you explain it.

I want to try.

Thank in advance.

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Dear Customer,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, our developer portal has 2 products in the offer: the ATK, which is an offline solution, and the CDK, which is an online solution (requires an internet connection).

In your case, it seems you are using the CDK. At present, the CDK offers 200 requests a day. If reaching this limit in a day, your requests will no longer be processed. If buying a cartridge, the number of request a day is no longer limited, but your cartridge is decreased in accordance with the size of each request. The day after, you can again do a maximum of 200 requests.

Regarding the ATK (which you do not seem to be using), at present we provide with 40 licenses for free. These are for a development purpose. A license is counted each time the application is installed on a new device.

Let us know if you need further explanation.

Best regards,

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