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widget math+ singletest erazer

hello Olivier

about the activate the erazer, you gav e an example:

MyMathWidget.EraseGestureHandler += OnEraseGesture;
  private void OnEraseGesture(object sender, bool partial)

how I implement eraze specific stroke object needed to be eraze,

what is the method, and how is the syntax

I just give command :

myStroke.eraze ?

or something like that ?

I could not found any example about

need help

Dear Emanuel,

thank you for your question.

Currently, we do not have any API to force the erasure of given strokes.

As said earlier, the erasure detection is based on the timing of the strokes. When an erasure is detected, it will erase the ink below.

You then understand your use-case of erasing given strokes is not possible.

Best regards,




if I draw with .movePen on the area of stroke (rectangle) horizontal  "line"

on mode Earazer , it should delete the stroke ?

I ask according to Erazer behaviour in your demos

it should work both math + text line ?


erazer is detected when drawing horizontal line( with move pen, let say)

on given strokes draw before.

the timing is correct.

as your advice, we set before the erazer mode.

and then close it when needed.


Dear Emanuel,

indeed, both the Single Line and Math Widget have the eraser. But as said earlier, the eraser is done automatically.

If an erasing gesture is done, strokes below should be erased.

Best regards,



>>if an erasing gesture is done

"gesture" means:

horizontal line movepen  draw, in the area rectangle of a defined stroke

will do the work ?


Dear Emanuel,

indeed, our gesture detection algorithm is using both the horizontal line and the speed of the gesture (which is why the time information has to be provided to the strokes).

On my side, I then have a question: Are you asking this because the gesture algorithm is not working properly? Gestures are not detected, or strokes are not properly erased? What is the behavior you have when doing a gesture?

Thank you,

Best regards,

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