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i am university students.

i register programing course at my university

i asked you this before


i want to run myscript in eclipse.

i downloaded android kit and

i installed andoroid sdk, adt

but can't be run ...

how should i do?


and you answered.

Dear Sir,

You should be able to run ATK 1.3 package, unfortunately the latest ATK package 2.2 version will not be compatible with Eclipse.


i have to run MyScript sources in eclipse TT

but i couldn't find sdk 1.3 package....

i am a beginner of programing.....

please help me TT 


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Dear 신엽 오,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently, you can download the ATK packages on the following page:

The ATK 2.2 can only run in Android Studio. After import, you should be able to run it.

For the ATK 1.3, please download the corresponding package. You can then import it under the Eclipse environmnent.

Best regards,

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