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Overwriting input with recognized result

I'm using the javascript API. It works excellent, I'm really impressed because it took literally 30 seconds to set up.

I'm wondering if there's any built in feature in the API that replaces the input with the matched recognition. The response appears to only be in a list format (MathML, & latex), so there doesn't seem to be any information regarding the actual position of where each segment got recognised? What would be ideal if there was a feature that returns the whole new document on each recognition with the input replaced with the recognized result? Is there a way to do this yet? :D



Dear David,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, we plan to add such feature in a future release.

At present, we can not commit the exact date, but feel free to keep using our CDK. We will thinkk of notifying you.

Best regards,


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Thank you! I appreciate it.

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