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Getting Wrong Response

Hi Guys,


I am using your CDK web client api to transcribe NEO smart pen pixels but i am not able to transcribe the pixel using your SDK.


Even i tried to transcribe the sample given in the documentation






textInput: { "textParameter":{ "language":"en_US", "textInputMode":"CURSIVE" }, "inputUnits":[ { "textInputType":"MULTI_LINE_TEXT", "components":[ { "type":"stroke", "x":[ 438, 439, 439 ], "y":[ 319.5, 313.5, 312.5 ] } ] } ] }



Expected Response:-


{ "result":{ "textSegmentResult":{ "selectedCandidateIdx":0, "candidates":[ { "label":"a", "normalizedScore":1.0, "resemblanceScore":0.9970794, "children":[ ] } ] } }, "instanceId":"9232b0ea-16d5-41fb-93e0-50fe99c0b70a" }


Actual Result:-




  "result": {

    "textSegmentResult": {

      "selectedCandidateIdx": 0,

      "candidates": [


          "label": ".",

          "normalizedScore": 1,

          "resemblanceScore": 0.54324925,

          "children": null





  "instanceId": "9a951b9c-f204-429a-9aba-b1edb4c3413f"


Please help me i am not able to understand where i am doing mistake because i am getting the wrong response.

I am getting "." instead of "a" character.


Please help this will help me alot.

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Dear Sarkar,

currently, based on the above request, you are sending only one stroke, which is the following one:


This is indeed not surprising you are returned with such result.

Can you please ensure you post all the strokes corresponding to the "a" letter you are writing?

Best regards,

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