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 Hello. I have been having difficulty getting the subset knowledge feature to work. I uploaded a unicode file to the Myscript tool to generate the .sk file. I then added it on my account and it appears like so:


My JSON request is the following:
  "type": "start",
  "textParameter": {
  "language": "en_US",
  "textInputMode": "CURSIVE",
  "resultDetail": "WORD",
  "subsetKnowledges": ["tnum"],
  "textProperties": {
  "wordCandidateListSize": 1,
  "inputUnits": [
  "textInputType": "MULTI_LINE_TEXT",
  "components": [
  "type": "stroke",
  "t": [

  "userId": redacted,
  "containerId": "form1",
  "containerType": "FORM"

The recognition works fine without the "subsetKnowledges": ["tnum"], line added, but when I add that line in, it gives me the error: {"type":"error","error":{"result":{"language":"en","resourceName":"tnum","error":"SKResourceNotFoundException","status":"error"}}}

I've tried deleting and re-adding the reource, I've double checked that it was being generated properly. Any ideas why it might not be working?

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Dear Remi,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, rather than calling your custom sk resources in the "subsetKnowledges" parameters, you should instead call these using the "userResources" parameter, as follows:

"resultDetail": "WORD",
  "userResources": ["tnum"],
  "textProperties": {

Best regards,



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