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Hi, This is Pramod here. An OCR software developer. Actually I was looking into your website regarding your OCR and Math OCR products. I am happy with the features u have provided.But I have some questions. Can any one help me out?

1) Can I give an Image as input for recognizing the characters? Or is it only for hand written ?

2) what is the format of the output? latex or mathnl ?

3) Does the application recognizes and solves multiple equations at a single time (simultaneously)?

4) Do you provide any web services? android application?

5) can u provide any links where I can have a brief check with the above things mentioned ?

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Dear Pramod,

thank you for contacting us and the interest you show to our application.
To answer your questions:
1-Our technology is not based on image scanning, but only on digital ink (x and y coordinates) that can be gotten from devices such as touch screen, digital pens...
2-Our Math solutions can return with results in string, Latex, MathML or NodeTree format.
3-Only one equation at a time
4-We indeed provide with a Math CDK offer, and a MathWidget on Android. These can be found on our developer portal:
For the MathWidget:
For the CDK:

5-a brief overview of our math technology can be found at the following link:
And full documentation at this link:

Let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards,


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