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Is there a way to revoke a users access to the MyScript Licence?

Lets say a user hasn't used the application in X days. Is it possible to revoke the licence so that they're no longer using up the license limit? Otherwise there seems to be a very very limited number of downloads possible... 

Dear Sir,

Could you please give us more details regarding your use case?

If a user download your app without using the myscript recognition part, no license will be deducted, please check this article about how a license is deducted:

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Right I can understand that and that's definitely helpful but the app I'm running uses ad-based monetization. So if they're not actively using the app I'm losing money because of licence fees. 

I'm wondering if there is a way after X of days of not using the app to remove their specific licence so it can go to someone who is still actively using the app. 

Thanks for those details, currently our ATK license management does not offer such ability, but we appreciate your suggestion.

Best regards

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