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Unable to get updated result at didPerformEraseGesture

  here is my didPerformEraseGesture script

- (void)mathView:(MAWMathView *)mathView didPerformEraseGesture:(BOOL)partial
 NSString *gestureState = partial ? @"partial" : @"complete";
 NSLog(@"Erase gesture handled by current equation (%@)", gestureState);
 NSString *result = [mathView resultAsLaTeX];
 NSLog(@"result: %@",result);
 [self.delegate sendEvent:@{


 and the output:

Erase gesture handled by current equation (complete)

result: x


after i perform complete erase gesture, and called resultAsLaTeX

the result still remain the same instead of empty,

is this normal behaviour or i should add a timeout to get the latest result?


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Dear Alex,

Actually this method enables you to detect an erase gesture, but you need to call the mathViewDidEndConfiguration method and then check the updated recognition result.

Please let us know if you have any other question.

Best regards

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