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I want to use myscript in order to code. My primary language is python, but it would be great to be able to do any language. I am using this as an alternative input method from typing, to avoid tendinitis. Before I endeavor into this, has anyone build something similar? The ugly solution is just to use single character input, and to turn off the English language recognition. That way I can use nonsensical terms and syntax a la python that won't get auto corrected into English. I don't know how to do this, and if someone has tried it, please let me know. The elegant solution is to add python vocabulary and syntax as its own language. That way, you get the support of myScript prediction. This seems like a much more difficult solution. Thank you for your help! Nico
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Dear Nico,

Actually our ATK package has not been designed to address such use case, it is exactly the opposite, so yes you can try to remove the linguistic knowledge (lk-text file) and try to recognize one character at a time but we already know that the accuracy will not be satisfying. Such use case could be addressed at a lower level with our 'core sdk', but it is not available on the developer portal and requires much more time and budget to develop an app based on it.

In case you are ready for a long development with our law level api, feel free to discuss with our sales team : https://developer.myscript.com/contact-us/on-device-recognition.

Best regards

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