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ATK for Android is in .aar type. I tried to create a binding project out of it and it is not working. Throwing lot of errors. Probably due to the mismatch of JDK version difference. I need few information.

1. Do you have support for Xamarin Android (native) not Xamarin Forms ?

2. Do you have ATK package with components in jar format  ?

3. What is the version of jdk against which the package is built ?

4. Is there any way, I can integrate or use MyScript in Xamarin Android app ?



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Dea Kumaran,

thank you for your questions.

Currently, we not support Xamarin, and do not plan to support it in the short term.

To answer your questions:
1-we do not have support at all
2-We only have packages in AAR format
3-I will update answer later
4-You can give a try, but we can not guaratee il will work.

Best regards,


Kumaran, we are trying to do Xamarin bindings (Android and iOS). Please email so we can help each other out. Should we start a github project so anyone interested can contribute?

Please join
Currently this empty but we can share issues and templates here. We will start work on this next week.
Olivier perhaps you can help answer questions there from time to time? It helps MyScript if we can get it to work on Xamarin.
Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your message. I will be happy if we can create a binding for Myscript and open to work together to get it working.



Oliver do you have an update on Kumaran's question: "What is the version of jdk against which the package is built"

Dear Charles,

we built the ATK with the jdk 1.7.

Best regards,


The Git is still empty and it's been 4 months. Are there any plans to get MyScript bindings for Xamarin. I was only interneting in MyScript on Xamarin and I am now turning to alternatives due to the lack of support.
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