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What is better ATK or CDK with respect to accuracy?

I want to know which sdk(ATK and CDK) gives the highest accuracy for english language. Does it differ in any respect or are the results are same when using any of the sdk?

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Dear Chetan,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, you should not think in terms of accuracy, as you should normally get a similar accuracy: the only difference is that CDK is using a newer version of the low level SDK and full resources (instead of lite for ATK), so there may have a slight increase, but that may not be noticeable.

You should rather think in terms of "connectivity", i.e. do I want my application to use an internet connection, or do I want it to be offline. Based on this question, you can decide whether you use the ATK or the CDK.

Let us know if you have further questions.

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