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Myscript integration in Unity

1.  copy unity classes.jar  which is in Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\AndroidPlayer\Variations\mono\Development\Classes, to the libs

2.  public class MainActivity extends UnityPlayerActivity

3.apply plugin: '' in build.gradle

4.compile files('libs/classes.jar') in build.gradle

5. build the library.

6.copy MathWidgetSample-debug.aar and all in 'MyScript_ATK-android-2.2\libs' in Unity Assets\Plugins\Android.

7.use unity build APK An error occurred Beause of MyScript_ATK-UI-android-component.aar.

How I can do?

unity 5.5.0

copy myscript-certificate-debug.aar to Unity Assets\Plugins\Android also..

Dear see love,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, it is difficult for us to provide with an answer as we have no experience at all with Unity 3D

What are the exact requirements you need for a Unity 3D project?

Best regards,


Dear Olivier,

thanks for you reply.

Currently, I want to use myscrpt in Unity 3D project. if i remove the MyScript_ATK-UI-android-component.aar. Unity can build APK success. myscript  the Certificate is failed. I don't know How to do?

Best regards,

see love

Dear See Love,

currently, if building a project with only MahtWidget, you should not need the MyScript_ATK-UI-android-component.aar.

Indeed, here is the configuration:
compile ''
compile project(':myscript-certificate')

compile(name: 'MyScript_ATK-Core-android-component', ext: 'aar')
compile(name: 'MyScript_ATK-Math-android-component', ext: 'aar')
compile(name: 'MyScript_ATK-MathWidget-android-widget', ext: 'aar')

Also, did you add your Android certificate in the project? How are you registering it?

On which release of Android are your running it? Or on another OS?

Best regards,


Dear Olivier,

     I copy the '' into the MathWidgetSample, I change it the package 'com.myscript.atk.math.sample', I use the Android certificate.

     I find the unity use Android SDK tools is 25.2.3,   The old version of android sdk tools and the new version is very different, Maybe is the SDK version question?

Best regards,

see love

Dear Olivier,

     Do you have the ATK of the old version of android sdk tools version is  '25.2.3'  ?? 

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