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Changes from APKs/SDK to Interactive Ink

We were interested in the maths ATKs (for iOS, Android and UWP) and the SDK for a cross platform app. The ATKs had affordable pricing but would have been a lot of work to integrate (writing bindings on each platform to Xamarin forms). The SDK would have been much easier but was well beyond our budget.

Now that Interactive Ink is out we are wondering how the situation has changed.

From the website I am gathering:

  • Interactive ink is the future, so we should not put in development work to integrate the ATKs.
  • Interactive ink native components are like ATKs but with more common methods (good) and without UIs (not a problem)
  • "iink SDK comes with a cross-platform C++ API (only available on demand)": is this similar pricing to previous sdk?

The IInk SDK Is is is most attractive to us in theory, as we only need to do a single .net/C++ binding, rather than bindings to all platform-specific languages. But if the pricing is similar to the old SDK then it's still out of our reach.

For the ATKs, we would feed the native components data representing pen strokes and receive the interpretation (LaTeX preferably)?

Thanks for any info.


Edit: For the IInk native components, we would feed the native components data representing pen strokes and receive the interpretation (LaTeX preferably)?

Dear Charles,

Thanks for your question.

Your summary is correct, we have published the first version of Interactive Ink sdk on our developer portal and we are working on the next version. In the meantime, as it does not address all the use cases covered by ATK, we have decided to let ATK available. Regarding Xamarin, we are happy if you can share the development with other developers as you suggested in another post and that's the reason why we offer to provide additional API

Regarding the pricing, the C++ API will be available at the same price as the other platforms in a middle future.

However, as you mentioned that you only need a single .net/C++ binding, we understand that what you need is more a .NET API. We are still working on it and should be able to provide it with a UI reference implementation and examples for WPF. We’ll, of course, keep you informed when it’s available.

Best regards

Dear Claire,

Thanks for the reply. A .NET API would be great! That would allow WPF and UWP, and iOS and Android via Xamarin, very easily.

C++ would be better than the current situation too.

Having UI-less components would be a great move IMO as it would make cross platform support much easier, as MyScript would otherwise have to write UIs for each platform.

Look forward to progress on either front. Happy to test betas of a .NET component.


Dear Claire,
Do you have any updates on the C++ API ETA?



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