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How Can I get accuracy of recognized character?


I'm developing an application using MyScript ATK2.2.

This application needs a function that choose a character by user from candidate of recognized character.

In order to implement the function, it needs accuracy of candidate of recognized character.

When MyScript returns a candidate string, how similar is it to the input character, can I get the value?

Or, how Can I get accuracy of recognized character?


In the case of MS-Ink, accuracy information can be obtained in four stages of "Strong", "intermediate", "poor", and "unknown".

Dear Takuya San

actually 'recognition score' are part of our CDK and SDK offers. The ATK does not provide with such information.

Normally, the ATK returns with several candidates, sorted in the confidence order. You can then set your decision process this way!

Best regards,


Dear Olivier


Thank you for your reply.

I understood that accuracy information can not be acquired.


In the application we are developing, I want to input without regard to letters, formulas, figures, and convert it to the closest one.

Is there a widget that can automatically identify letters, formulas, and shapes?

Or is there a way to know which one is closest to the stroke I input most from the recognition result of each of letters, mathematical expressions, and figures?


Is it possible to set a threshold for recognition score so that we do not acquire items that do not meet the threshold as candidates?

Dear Takuya San,

currently, we have no way to determine if a stroke corresponds to math, text or diagram.

The user shall know which kind of stroke he is inpputing, and then call the proper widget.

Best regards,

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