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I'm following the iOS getting started guide:

But I'm getting stuck during PhaseScriptExecution.


curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Operation timed out

unzip: cannot find or open, or

rm: No such file or directory

rm: No such file or directory

rm: No such file or directory

I'm behind a corporate firewall and have proxy settings configured in $HOME/.curlc.

However, seems when the above generated script starts running in xcode, the curl command is not reading those proxy settings (I'm assuming that's the problem).

Any helpful tips or suggestions?



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Dear Fabrizio,

currently, it seems your firewall ios preventing curl from downloading.

You can proceed manually, for example using wget (open the to see the location of the packages), e.g. wget

If this doesn't work, you should see with your network administrator to open the ftp port.

Best regards,

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