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pod install error ----- "MyScriptInteractiveInk-Runtime"


Clone under the github iOS code, but when the implementation of the command 'pod install' error, the error message is "[!] Unable to find a specification for` MyScriptInteractiveInk-Runtime (~> 1.0.0) `depended upon by `MyScriptInteractiveInk-UIReferenceImplementation`", friends have encountered this problem, or can propose a solution,very grateful.

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Dear Harry,

can you please do pod install --repo-update?

Let us know if this doesn't work.

Best regards,


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My podfile code was: 

# Uncomment the next line to define a global platform for your project

# platform :ios, '9.1'

target 'MediTimeDoctor' do

  # Comment the next line if you're not using Swift and don't want to use dynamic frameworks


# Pods for MediTimeDoctor

pod 'MyScriptInteractiveInk-UIReferenceImplementation',:path => '../..'

  target 'MediTimeDoctorTests' do

    inherit! :search_paths

    # Pods for testing


 target 'MediTimeDoctorUITests' do

    inherit! :search_paths

    # Pods for testing



Dear Kannan,

First, please note you should not be using the "use_frameworks", as the iink SDK contains static libraries that cannot work with it: https://developer-support.myscript.com/support/discussions/topics/16000022948/page/2?url_locale=

Otherwise, maybe your line "pod 'MyScriptInteractiveInk-UIReferenceImplementation',:path => '../..'" is missing some spaces in between  the comma and ":" (also, please note we are not likely to provide support in your custom podfile...)?

Best regards,


I removed that space between comma and ":"

'MyScriptInteractiveInk-UIReferenceImplementation', :path => '../..'

But still it doesn't work, still it produce the same issue [!] No podspec found for `MyScriptInteractiveInk-UIReferenceImplementation` in `../..`

So now what i do for to this library woking correctly in my own project?

Did you put the file "MyScriptInteractiveInk-UIReferenceImplementation.podspec" in the same directory where your pod file is located ? 

I also put the folder IInkUIReferenceImplementation there but I do not know if this is required. But it works for me.