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iink sdk interactive with unity


   I use 'GetStarted' example of the module   ' interactive-ink-examples-android-master'  to make a AAR. I've imported to the Unity sucessfully and I can use Unity  to lanuch the  Activity of 'GetStarted'. I can use the Activity to draw and  call the method of the convert of the Editor.But I can't found the API from return result. I found  getCharacterBoundingBoxes of  FontMetricsProvider to get a result. but the result is Separate into several parts,which is not my wanted result .I just want the whole result once ,so please tell me how to find the result API?

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Dear See Love,

this is the normal behavior as the TEXT MimeType is not available for the math content block.

For a given content block, you can get the list of possible MimeTypes using the getSupportedExportMimeTypes function: MimeType[] supportedMimeTypes = editor.getSupportedExportMimeTypes(editor.getRootBlock());

You can find this information in the "Import and export" part of the documentation:

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