"cannot load handwriting resource" for integrating single char Japanese Text


I'm trying to integrate and Single Char Widget for writing japanese characters into an Android application.

I was able to have it work perfectly fine for english words but would get the error "cannot load handwriting resource" when I try to configure the Japanese conf file and resources.

So, I first copied the assets folder, with the conf and resources folder of the Japanese text, into my project folder.

then had 

widget.addSearchDir("zip://" + getContext().getPackageCodePath() + "!/assets/conf");

widget.configure("ja_JP", "text");

following the example given and using the ja_JP.conf file: 

Bundle-Version: 1.0

Bundle-Name: ja_JP


 AddResDir ../resources/

Name: text

Type: Text


 AddResource ja_JP/ja_JP-ak-cur.res

 AddResource ja_JP/ja_JP-lk-text.res

 AddResource mul/mul-lk-english_secondary_2.res

 SetHalfWidthFullWidthScheme AUTO


 SetTextListSize 1

 SetWordListSize 5

 SetCharListSize 1

When I try to run the app, the error "cannot load handwriting resource" gets logged and I'm running out of ideas on what the issue might be. Any help?



Dear Randy,

can you checked the mul-lk-english_secondary_2.res resource has been properly added into the resources directory of your application and that path " mul/mul-lk-english_secondary_2.res" is correct?

Best regards,


So I just double checked if the mul-lk-english_secondary_2.res was in the resources folder and that the path was correct as well and still the same thing. Any other ideas as to what it may be?

Dear Randy,

When removing the line "AddResource mul/mul-lk-english_secondary_2.res", is it working properly?

If so, can you please check the indentation in the conf file?

Best regards,

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