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the web page on your web site "ATK, CDK, SDK – What does it mean?" seems need an update to include II SDK.

Please note I am on Windows 10. 

The whole web site seems confusing about those technologies. ATK is mentioned in some web page here but I can't find the link to download ATK and its examples.

After going through your web site, my understanding is that ATK and CDK are replaced by II SDK. But I don't know what is the relationship between MyScript SDK and II SDK.

For developing UWP application, it seems we have to include MyScript.InteractiveInk.UIReferenceImplementation.Uwp? I downloaded from github ii sdk example. I didn't find much explanation about how to use UIReferenceImplementation. Hopeful you can add to the online documents.



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Dear Frank,

thank you for contacting us.

Your remarks have been noticed on our side.

To answer your questions:
-The SDK is our core technology, which we have been developping for nearly twenty years. As integrating it to develop end-user applications is demanding, we have then been developping more integrated solutions.
-The CDK is basically the core SDK on the cloud: it can easily be used using REST API, or WebSocket. For REST, all you need to do is format a JSON query, then post it on our servers. For Webocket, settle the wWebSocket connection, and that is basically it
-The ATK is an integrated solution that proposes Math, Text (in a single line mode or character by character) or diagram. It is available on iOS, Android or Windows 10. It can be easily integrated in an application.
-Regarding the iink SDK,it is used to implement Nebo application. It aims at offering the same level of functionality than Nebo. It also comes on top of the SDK.

To answer your question regarding the uireferenceimplementation, indeed it defines Classes such as ImageLoader, EditorView, InputController... that we use in other samples. You may indeed need to include some of the classes in your projects.

Best regards,

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