MathWidget result LaTex error

Hello,I am come back again,

A strange phenomenon has been discovered,

for example,I write 'b^{2}' on MathWidget,

when I delete superscript 2, the result LaTex I get is still 'b^{2}',not 'b'



There is still a problem,I got some weird results


'x^{^{2}}',This rule should not appear,it should be 'x^{2}' or 'x^{2^{2}}',

I do not know how this issue is emerging.

I almost become your tester...

Dear Chun Bo Zhao,

were are you getting the Latex result? In the onRecognitionEnd function?

Indeed, when new result is fired, Latex should be updated accordingly.

Best regards,


Dear Olivier,

Yes, I getting the LaTex result in the '- (void)mathViewDidEndRecognition:(MAWMathView *)mathView' function,

I feel it gives me the result is not the latest.

Because I delete superscript 2 of b^{2},it gives the result b^{2}.

Then I wrote superscript 2 on the basis of b, which gives the result of b and then b^{2},

Obviously it is able to recognizes b, but did not give me.

Dear Chun Bo Zhao,

the mathViewDidEndRecognition may be called several times when conent is updated.

Can you try waitng few seconds aned take the result from the latest call of the function?

Best regards,


ok, I found 0.6 seconds after the test to get the correct result.

but I set my mathView to beautificationOption MAWBeautifyDisabled and get the latest result right away,

I think this is better documented in the document.

Thanks for your help!

Is there any other way to solve my other problem?

Dear Chun Bo Zhao,

indeed, beautification takes time, so if youonly need the raw result, you can disable it.

Regarding the 'x^{2^{2}} result, what is displayed on the screen? Do you have the same latex result?

Best regards,

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