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Many instances of Myscript editor initiated on a single page

Hi Oliver and MyScript team,

For our use case we need to initialize many instances of MyScript Ink editors on a page load (we use websockets version). Basically this page displays a table where some of the table slots should be writable/editable by stylus. Do you have any recommendations on optimization for such use cases?



Dear Nadi,

thank you for your question.

Currently, there is normally no limit in the number of websocket channels. We do not have any special requirement, it should normally work fine.

Best regards,


Hi Oliver,

I tried to connect 100+ editors simultaneously, and what happened was part of the "editors" were not connected. Moreover, after page reload no new editors were able to connect to MyScript cloud for about 5-10 minutes. 

Please advise.


FYI I'm currently on the Free plan. 

To provide more information about our case - we need each user to be able to connect 160 recognizable editors simultaneously on a single page. 

Trying to do this right now - it fails to connect 160 recognizable editors simultaneously.

I'm on the Free plan, but my account usage is not even close to the limit: 


It means that the connections limit exist on the MyScript cloud. Please provide more details on the cloud limits you have and how can they be used.

Hi Nadi, 

Glad to see you integrating handwriting in your application. As i understand you face limit implementing a table editor with MyScriptJS. It is more a problem of browser that do not let you open multiple websockets with the same server (For example Chrome seems to limit to 6

A better way is to use only editor for you all table and to move it to the active cell. 

To achieve this, grabbing pointer events yourself and using the pointerDown, pointerMove and pointerUp api is maybe the better way. Reference documentation is here. Depending of what you want to display in cells - when they are in a non editable state - you may use the export result or an image (using the png attribute).

If you can share a github repo or a gist you are welcome. We would be glad to have a look a give you the right direction to go. 



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