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Combining the Maths engine and the Graphics Engine


Is there any way that the Graphics engine and the Maths engine can be combined, so that the beautification feature is turned off, but then once a circle/oval is drawn around an area, anything inside the area is 'beautified', and then the text inside that area is returned as the result of the recognition engine?


Dear Luke,

Thank you for your questions.

Combining different engine together is not possible, as the technologies are too different and it would be too much difficult to find out which engine (math, Diagram, text...) shall be called.

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply Olivier.

In that case, how would I go about creating a feature similar to the one in MyScript Memo where you can circle the text/writing that you want to identify, so that once the text/writing is circled, only that section of the screen gets put through the recognition engine?



Dear Luke,

Thank you for the update.

Currently, under Memo, when a area was collected, the strokes were sent to the Text recognizer. The technonlogy by itself was much simple, as there was only one type of data, which was text.

Developping such thing with the iinksdk is not that easy.
Here are several possibilities I am thinking of:

1-By yourself, you get the strokes from your device,
 -You do a preprocessing of these: when a stroke is doing a circle (you check the stroke is long enough, and does a loop), you check all the strokes that are inside of it.
-You can send these to the engine you prefer (Text Math...) and get the result.

2-As above, get all your strokes.
-Run the Diagram engine. Export as jiix.
-Once exported, browse your jjix and look for ellipses.
-You then have the coordinates of ellipses.
-All the strokes inside of the ellipses can then be sent to the recognizer you prefer.

Please note these are ideas that we have just come up, and were not tested. We cannot therefore guarantee it will work.

Best regards,


Thanks Olivier.

I will have a go at getting these methods to work.


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