我在android 上使用myscript的atk中的math模块。我把MathWidget放在一个自定义控件中,当我使用代码设置这个自定义控件visiable为View.GONE时,作为子控件的MathWidget的墨水路径并没有消失。



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Dear Boling Chen,

thank tou for contacting us.

Currently, we are not sure to understand what you want to achieve.
1-Do you can to hide and clear the panel once the recogntion result has been gotten, and re-open it after?
2-You want to hide the panel, and re-open it later keeping the context?

1-You can export the result (Text, Latex, MathML) to your application, and then later clear the context and hide the panel.

2-In that case, you can reduce the size of the writing panel to one pixel, so you no longer see it. To re-open the context, set it to the previous size.

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,