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How to get recognition result when using Math Part

I want to know how to get recogniton result(such as String type),,,

I already used ATK and there are getResultAsText() method in MathWidgetApi..

so i got recognition result easily,, but i cannot find by using iink,,,

Also i wonder that exist recognition listener in iink sdk,,,

In ATK, OnRecognitionListener exist,,  so i could know the end of recognition,.,,  

Please answer asap~~~

Oh one more thing~~ when i build iink sample code(GetStrated Project) in Android Os 4.4.2 Device, touch gesture is too slow,,

Is threre any limitation Android OS version in iink SDK?? 


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Dear Younbae Kim,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently, with the iink, the API doesn't offer functions such as getResultAsText. For such purpose, you should use the export function setting the LATEX MimeType:

Regarding the gestures being slow, this rather looks like your device being slow... on our side, our tests did not show any slowdown.

Best regards,

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