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I want to know iink SDK recognition sample~~

Hi, i already questioned about iink SDK recognition listener(i got answer that there is no recognition listener in iink SDK unlike ATK)

What i want to make code is getting recognition result automatically After recognition end!

In ATK, thanks to onRecognitionEnd() listener, i could get result(by using getResultAsText()) automatically~

I know that i can get result by using export method in iink SDK, but it handled by events(such as button click) ,,

If i can use recognition end listener in iink SDK, i can make recognition result automatically,, i hope that,,,

You already suggested in other topic like below:

-Feed the editor with your ink using editor.pointerEvents(eventArray, false), where eventArray is your ink converted into pointer events (pointerDown, pointerMove+, pointerUp) and false means the gestures where deactivated
-wait for the recognition to end: editor.waitForIdle()

But i don't understand exactly about that and i don't know how to make it in code;;;

so i want to get sample code or guide about your common answer about How to detect recognition events like start, end,,,,,,

Thanks for your answer~~ please let me know about my question~

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Dear Younbae Kim,

thank you for the update.

Please refer to the 3 below topics, that will provide with samples (on Android and iOS) that show how you can pass pointerEvents to the editor.


Regarding the X and Y coordinates, these are provide by the default Andoid or iOS SDK. They can then by provided to our solution as explained above.

Best regards,

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