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Can i make several Editorview by using iink SDK Math?

I want to make several Editorview and get recognision value from them respectively...

In iink sdk sample code, there is only one editorview and inputcontroller,,,

please answer asap~~ Thank you~~

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Hi Youngbae,

You can already instantiate several editor views and integrate them with your UI. If you want them to share a common input controller, the iink SDK example is based on a set of open source classes called the UI Reference Implementation (available on Github) that you can modify:
  • Change EditorView to use an external input controller
  • Update InputController so that it dispatches input events to the right EditorView.
Each EditorView instance will need to retain its own Editor so that you can get their respective recognition results. Please make sure that all editors share the same engine.

Best regards,


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