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Lenovo Yoga 3 pro - nebo doesn't work

After I got aroud a windows problem (upgrades - leading to new install) I was able to download Nebo.
On the first screen I was asked to write something. I showed nothing.
Is there another problem with my laptop?
On OneNote it let me write and paint.

Is there a restriction on the machines where it does work?

Regards Helmut

BTW: I forgot to mention that I use a MEKO Stylus.
On other apps it works.


Hi Helmut,

This forum is dedicated to the developers that integrate MyScript technology. For MyScript application support, please open a ticket on
As for your question, MyScript Nebo requires an active stylus to work, that is to say a stylus that the operating system can differentiate by itself from a finger touch. It is thus not compatible with your MEKO Stylus.

Best regards,


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