iink SDK on Device

iOS POD/Framework setup


I am integrating MyScriptInteractiveInk into an older project (Pod is not used, all frameworks added manually).

Now when I init pod and move all frameworks to POD, and use MyScriptInteractiveInk, build is failing also I cannot set pod command: use_frameworks! that I need for Fabric/Crashlyhtics because of the conflict with MyScriptInteractiveInk.

Is there a way to manually add 
MyScriptInteractiveInk, without POD?

Hi Nenad,

Yes, you can manually add iink SDK to your project. First, I advise you to use CocoaPods with our GetStarted example (https://developer.myscript.com/getting-started/ios) so that the libraries and headers are properly downloaded to your computer.
Then, you can get the static libraries and headers under the "Pods" repository and copy them to your project. You may also want to include the files from the UI Reference Implementation that are available in the Github repository.
Finally, please ensure that you copy the linker flags from the xconfig parameters in the pod to your project.

Best regards,


Thanks, let you know if I have some problems.

I added it like that, these folders from interactive-ink-examples-ios:
interactive-ink-examples-ios/Examples/Get Started/pods/Headers
interactive-ink-examples-ios/Examples/Get Started/pods//MyScriptInteractiveInk-Runtime


Now I am getting these errors:
In file included from /Users/nenadostojic/GIT/tiger/Tiger-Algebra-iOS/MyScript/IInkUIReferenceImplementation/Classes/ViewControllers/DisplayViewController.m:3:

/Users/nenadostojic/GIT/tiger/Tiger-Algebra-iOS/MyScript/IInkUIReferenceImplementation/Classes/ViewControllers/DisplayViewController.h:4:9: fatal error: 'iink/IINKIRenderTarget.h' file not found

#import <iink/IINKIRenderTarget.h>

#import <iink/IINKIRenderTarget.h> 'iink/IINKIRenderTarget.h' file not found

So possibly problem with that last step: "Finally, please ensure that you copy the linker flags from the xconfig parameters in the pod to your project."

Can you write in more detail what needs to be done there, thanks for your patience?

Hi Nenad,

If you look in interactive-ink-examples-ios/Examples/GetStarted/Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-GetStarted and interactive-ink-examples-ios/Examples/GetStarted/Pods/Target Support Files/MyScriptInteractiveInk-UIReferenceImplementation, you will find several *.xcconfig files that contain the parameters that CocoaPods uses to tell Xcode where the headers are located, as well as which libraries to link and in which order. This needs to be taken into account in your own Xcode project. I think that properly setting LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS will address the issue you get, while link flags will help you build your executable.

Best regards,


Thanks for the help, I did not see those xcconfig files before.

I cannot get this to work, I added all paths in LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS and linked flags also, but always some header import issues, even though I added them correctly and header files are there.

like. #import <IInkUIReferenceImplementation/Helper.h> - 'IInkUIReferenceImplementation/Helper.h' file not found

Loosing a lot of time trying to get it to work. Is there a way for you to provide FRAMEWORK file, like other companies provide both pod and manual import of framework file? Otherwise I will need to update our app to use PODs, but then I have !use_framework issues to handle (use_frameworks! conflict with Fabric/Crashlyhtics)

Hi Nenad,

If Swift cannot see your headers, it is maybe because you also need to setup the "Bridge to Objective-C", as our library wrappers for iOS are using Objective-C to "glue" the C++ code to Swift.

In the GetStartedSwift example, this is done by setting the "Objective-C Bridging Header" build setting to "GetStartedSwift/Supporting Files/GetStartedSwift-Bridging-Header.h". You may have to do something similar.

Regarding your point to provide a framework, we understand your issue, and this is an ongoing work on our side. We hope to be able to deliver it with iink 1.2 but we still have some technical issues to solve for it to work properly.

Best regards,


Thanks, I am using Obj-C only code, no swift. I will try further to make it work without pod, or I may rework our app to use pods and some frameworks manually. Hopefully I will find working solution soon, so we can proceed with new handwriting feature for our App.