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How to specify "arial black" in the font family.

ThI am developing applications using Android's Interactive Ink.

I know that the font family can be specified with the "setTheme()" method.

The code specifying the generic family name was successful.

setTheme("glyph.text {font-family:serif}")

However, the code trying to specify the font family name "arial black" did not succeed.

setTheme("glyph.text {font-family:'arial black'}")


Can I specify a font family such as "arial black"?

I also want to know the list of font families that I can specify.

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Hi kousuke jujii,

You may specify any typeface, provided that the font is accessible to iink SDK.

If you look at the UI Reference Implementation that we provide for Android, you will see that by default we try to load the font from the application "fonts" directory, and if it cannot be found we look at system fonts. As Android comes with a very limited set of fonts by default (, iink SDK may not support "Arial Black" if it is not provided by the manufacturer's customization or if you do not ship it with your apk in the assets "fonts" directory.

Best regards,


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