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How to use font of downloaded ttf file

I am developing applications using Android's Interactive Ink.

I would like to use the font of downloaded ttf file.

I downloaded "MSMINCHO.ttf" and placed it under "interactive - ink - examples - android \ UIReferenceImplementation \ src \ main \ assets \ fonts".

And I did the following with the code, but it did not succeed.


setTheme("glyph.text {font-family:MSMINCHO}")

Can I specify the downloaded ttf file as a font family?

If you can, please teach me how to do it.

Also, if you can specify an arbitrary font family in a different way, please tell me how to do it.

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Hi kousuke fujii,

The font family you should provide is not the ttf file name, but rather the name of the font stored in that file, because they sometimes differ.

It seems the name of the font you are trying to use is actually "MS Mincho", so that's the name you should provide:    

setTheme("glyph.text { font-family : MS Mincho }")

Best regards,



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