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Reading text of only Japanese kanji in text mode fails.

I am developing applications using Android's Interactive Ink. 

When reading texts of only Japanese kanji in text mode, reading fails.

Place the error log and the program you wrote at that time.


this.editorView.getEditor().import_(MimeType.TEXT, "朝日", this.editorView.getEditor().getRootBlock());

error log 

java.lang.RuntimeException: internal error

at com.myscript.iink.NativeFunctions.doImport(Native Method)


However, text mixed with Japanese kanji and hiragana can be imported normally.


this.editorView.getEditor().import_(MimeType.TEXT, "朝の日", this.editorView.getEditor().getRootBlock());

Is it possible to import texts with only Japanese kanji in text mode? 

If it is a bug of the application side, can you fix it?

Dear Kousuke Fujii San,

thank you for contacting us and the interest you show to our iink SDK.

Thanks to your explanation, we were indeed able to reproduce the issue.  We are currently investigating it, and we willl try to provide a fix in a coming release (planned around end of March beginning April).

Best regards,


Dear Olivier.

Thank you for reply.

I hope that it will be improved as soon as possible :)

Dear Kousuke Fujii,

Interactive Ink SDK 1.1.2 was just released and includes a fix that is meant to address the issue you raised. Please upgrade your integration and tell us if it works now.

Best regards,


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