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.NET Standard compatible package or other portable SDK

Great that you have UWP and now WPF as of the Interactive Ink 1.1 SDK.

I am wondering if you are close to having anything that supports .Net Standard and is not tied to a particular UI framework? I.e. a Nuget package that can be installed into a .Net Standard 2.0 library and give access to methods that convert stroke descriptions into into their interpretations.

(This would then be usable on UWP, WPF, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android etc.)

Alternatively, if this is not on the cards in the next 6 months, are you likely to have a C++ II SDK available?


Hi Charles,

We support Windows desktop via a .NET library. Although the UI Reference Implementation we provide on top of it is implemented for WPF, the library itself is not tight to any particular UI framework.

In your case, you would like to deploy this library to different OSes. As our library is a native library wrapped into a .NET layer, it cannot be transparently used across the whole OS spectrum out of the box, and will currently only work for Windows.

With our current roadmap, I think that a C++ cross-platform library would be the safest path for you to move on. I will contact you directly.

Best regards,



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Thanks for the reply. I understand the issue. So either you or we will have to do the .NET wrapping in way that can be used cross-platform. It's definitely feasible.
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