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Can these three methods be used in a child thread?



Hi 落 耽,

Yes, those methods can be called in a child thread.

Some remarks on your code:
  • You should call editor.waitForIdle() before you call export_(). As you send many pointer events at once, recognition will likely take some time, and you need to make sure that it is complete before you attempt to export (if you don't call waitForIdle(), you will probably get whatever very preliminary result the engine is ready to deliver).
  • If you process many pointer events, I would advise you to rely on a single editor.pointerEvents() call and pass it an array of all your pointer events with "processGestures" set to false. Recognition would be faster (we also have some optimizations in the pipe for that use case that will be released in a later version).
  • I don't know about your use case, but if you are using a Text part and sending data that was not written on the exact same lines than those displayed, consider setting the "text.guides.enable" option to "false" to avoid recognition issues.

Best regards,