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How can I change hand written text color in Math Part?


In iink SDK, I don't know how to change hand written text color,,

My usecase is that I want to change hand written text in Editorview(not converted) when i click the Button,,

I know that hand written text  defalt color is black and just i want to change it to another color by other event~ 

Please answer asap~~


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Dear Youngbae Kim,

To change the color of the handwritten text, you should change the theme via `Editor::setTheme()`. 

For example if you are programming in Android you can set the theme as described below. As a consequence the handwritten text (strokes) will be displayed in red, and the converted characters (glyphs) will be displayed in blue. 

editor.setTheme("stroke { color: #ff0000ff; } glyph { color: #0000ffff; }");

For more details about styling, you can also refer to the online documentation.

Best regards 


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