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How to change to handwritten text to conversion text automatically?


In iink SDK, i want to know that how to change to handwritten text to conversion text automatically

In ATK, can implement by using setBeautificationOption(MathWidgetApi.RecognitionBeautification.BeautifyFontify) - convert automatically

Could you tell me that how to implement in iink SDK?


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Dear Youngbae Kim,

There is no automatic conversion option in iink SDK, so you have to implement it by yourself.

I would suggest the following:

  • create a class that contains a reference to your Editor, a timer and a boolean convertRequired = false
  • after every call to Editor::pointerDown(), stop the timer and set convertRequired = true
  • after every call to Editor::pointerUp() or Editor::pointerCancel(), start the timer with for example 4 seconds time-out
  • when timer expires, if convertRequired == true, call Editor::convert() and set convertRequired = false
It might require some fine tuning, depending on the exact behavior you are looking for, but that should be a good start.
Best regards

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