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Questions about integrated cloud identification.

 Good morning!

My Android environment.

Now I integrate the IInSDK into my project. The following figure. But it seems that this is a local resource. And the method of charging is the number of permits.



Now I want to integrate cloud recognition, not local.

I want and charge based on the number of requests per month.Not the number of certificates.

What should I do?

 Dear 落 耽,

Thank you for contacting us.

Indeed, the cloud version of the iink is based on the number of requests sent to our servers.

To start using the cloud version of the iink, we recommend you start reading the documentation:

Please note most of the work you did in your Android environment will not be usable.

Best regards,


 I looked at the link address you gave.It is an example of integrating cloud recognition with web applications.I can't find an example of an Android program integrating cloud recognition.

I still don't know how to integrate cloud recognition into Android project.
What documents should I put in the project, how should I configure the cloud identification of Android project?
What should I do?

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