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Letter recognition level drops in case of multi-stroke (for eg: M, N )

Hi Team,

We are using en_us package for cursive writing & grammar file came with sample.

On the letter where multi strokes are used to write a letter recognition is not good.

for eg: 

M (If I write as / \ / \) then sometime it considers are iN or sometime as INI or iVI

Also if some of stroke it consider as events (like | for removing space or strike-through) it misses them as part of letter writing and treat them as event, can we disable that?

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Hello Irshad Chohan,

For each supported language, the neural networks behind iink SDK was taught how people write each letter.

In english the letter "M" is usually written as one stroke, which is why, when M is written with 3 or 4 strokes and without additional context, the letter M is not detected as the most likely candidate.

However, when you provide more context the recognition will improve with each additional letter: add an "e" after the "M" and the recognition will give you "Me".

Regarding gestures support, you cannot deactivate them with the current iink SDK version, but we consider adding the ability to deactivate all gestures in a future release.

Best regards,


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