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iink on iOS without rendering?

Hi folks!

Any way to get rid of the rendering? While playing with the "GetStartedSwift" project, I figured out how to initiate the engine and how to create the IINKEditor. But it seems the editor needs an IINKRenderer as well as an FontMetricsProvider (both seems very rendering specific). My app uses an own approach on rendering. So I like to provide only the data points. Any ideas?

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Hi Chris,

The Interactive Ink SDK API requires an IINKRenderer and a FontMetricsProvider to be provided to the editor. The dpi information provided by the renderer, for instance, is important to get a sense of the scale of what was written and will impact the quality of the recognition; the font metrics provider is required in case typeset data needs to be layouted at some point (certain cases of import or export). However, you do not need to display anything: the IINKRenderer asks for a render target: you can provide your own object implementing IINKIRenderTarget with methods that do nothing.

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