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Bad recognition for "Hello World"

Hi folks!

What is important to consider when using the pointerDown, pointerMove and pointerUp methods of the IINKEditor? I pushed the 2 Worlds "Hello" and "World" to an empty editor using that methods but got a very bad recognition: "Kelltello Blotched"; and the candidates don't look better.

Attached, you can find the data points for the first stroke "Hello" and for the second stroke "World". Files are providing X Y T and F values. I also added the resulting JIIX.

My scenario: I'm using the GetStartedSwift-Example and haven't adapted the configuration. When writing on device using the canvas, the conversion is fine.

Any ideas?

Best regards


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Hi Chris,

If you use the Text part with the default configuration, you need the ink to be written on the lines for recognition to be good. If you want more flexibility in that respect, please disable the guides by setting "text.guides.enable" to false via the configuration of the engine.

As you mentioned in another thread that you intended to use your own editor in an "off-screen mode", we can also advise you to:

  • Call editor.waitForIdle() before exporting your result. This method will make sure that the recognition is complete and that you do not attempt to export temporary results (that can be pretty weird!).
  • Pay attention to the dpi information you pass to your renderer, as this information is sent to the engine to give it a sense of "scale".
  • Build an array of pointer events and pass it to editor.pointerEvents() with doProcessGesture set to false if you need to send many pointer events at once. Performance will be better.

If this does not help, would you please provide us with a snippet of the way you built and used your editor?

Best regards,


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