convert text returns messy code

I use the function: editor.export_(null, MimeType.TEXT) convert the input to text,

but the function returns massy code, how to solve the problem.

Dear Doctor,

Currently, this can occur when exporting before recognition ended. Recognition process is indeed demanding, and you should ensure it it ended.

To ensure, this, can you confirm you are you calling the WaitForIdle function (_editor.WaitForIdle();)?

Best regards,


Thanks Olivier,

I tried the function editor.waitForIdle(), but the editor.export_(null, MimeType.TEXT) still doesn't work.

the returned String is still messy code.

Some of my code is:

MyDefClass implements IRenderTarget;

Renderer renderer = engine.createRenderer(displayMetrics.xdpi, displayMetrics.ydpi, MyDefClass.this);

Editor editor = engine.createEditor(renderer);

editor.setFontMetricsProvider(new FontMetricsProvider(displayMetrics, typefaceMap));

Dear Doctor Xu,

can you please try to deactive the guidelines. This can be done as follows: _engine.Configuration.SetBoolean("text.guides.enable", false);

Indeed, if not writing on these, not removing these is likely to significantly decrease the accuracy. On your side, are you writing on these, or on on external screen/device?

Best regards,


Hi Olivier,

Use the _engine.Configuration.SetBoolean("text.guides.enable", false) function can decrease the accuracy?

If I want to use my self  defined background, and have a higher accuracy, what should I do?

I write these on external screen.


Dear Doctor Xu,

no, in your case, it is likely to increase it!

If I want to use my self  defined background, and have a higher accuracy, what should I do?

>>it is not possible, so disable it, so that guidelines will be automatically computed and you will have a much better accuracy.

Best regards,


Hi Olivier,

I am sure I have called the function: editor.waitForIdle(); editor.export_(null, MimeType.TEXT);

but the return is still massy code.

need I use some special configuration?

Dear Doctor Xu,

Can you confirm you also disable the text.guides? Indeed, in your case, as said above, it is necessary to get the best recognition.

If so, can you please post your code, so that we can have a better understanding.

Best regards,


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