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Can't resolve "invalid certificate" on Android

I'm experiencing the "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid certificate" error when attempting to create the Engine on Android.

My device's internet connection is stable, and my bundle identifier (i.e. the package name in my AndroidManifest.xml) matches the identifier of my certificate as specified in the dashboard (com.evan.pocketcalcplus).

Checking the ATK console for errors, I find no messages display at all.

Can I get assistance in resolving this issue?

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently, we are a bit puzzled by this behavior, it is indeed the first time we see it... it is all the more complicated in the absence of logs.

We then have few questions:

-Is the date of the device properly set?

-Can you please: uninstall the app, close the internet and re-install?

-Is you internet connection behing some firewall that would prevent from accessing our server?


Best regards,