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How to capture what was written on the Widget

Eu usei o SingleLineWidget no meu aplicativo e gostaria de saber como posso capturar um bitmap do que foi escrito no meu widget, alguém poderia me ajudar?

Esclarecendo, como posso capturar o rastreamento feito no Widget e transformá-lo em Bitmap.

Dear Avelino Gomez,

thank you for contacting us and your questions.

Currently, the SingleLine Widget doesn't have any property to export as image.

There are several possibilities:

-If you want to export the converted text as an image, get the text result from the onTextChanged function, and use an external library to convert it to an image.

-If you want to convert the ink as an image, this is more complicated. You should indeed get the touch events using the Android or iOS API, and create an image from it...

Best regards,


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