MyScript_ATK-android-2.2 MathWidgetApi#configure() takes long time

When an application contains many files in its assets directory, MathWidgetApi#configure() takes long time.

In my case, takes more than 6 seconds.

How can I solve this problem?


This problem can also be seen in the SingleCharWidgetSample project from

Adding "drill" directory, which contains 13,756 files, total size 117MB, to the project,

and build application and run it,

MathWidgetApi#configure() takes long time.

I ran the application on an Android tablet TAB-A01-SD(Android 4.4).


Then I changed searchDir to the directory from Activity#getFilesDir(),

using MathWidgetApi#addSearchDir() method, but configure() still takes long time.

Dear Kurima Yoshida,

Currently, the ATK will browse for the assets directory when starting.

Based on this, you understand the more files the assets directory contains, the longer it will take to start.

To be honest, I am even surprised it start in 6 seconds, I would expect it to be longer with 13756 files.

At present, as no update of the ATK is planned, this behavior is not likely to be changed.

Best regards,


Dear Olivier,

Thank you for your reply. I understand. 

When I ran the same application on an Android 5.1 tablet, it doesn't take long time.

It may depend on the OS version.

Best regards,

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