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Dear Team,

I am trying to develop an application that requires the use of medical dictionary. I have done what was required- UTF-8 encoded file uploaded and converted to .res format, but am sort of lost from this point on, as I am unable find a resource directory, or any sort of configuration file for modification. If I could get a detailed stepwise solution here, it would be great. TIA 

Hello Olivier, thanks for the prompt response.

I have started with MyScript Cloud, and after learning the basics from starter guide, I was able to set up a simple text recognition demo deployed on local server.

I want to test its capabilities with a custom lexicon, but couldn't find enough resources to help out, as I am only starting with the product. I am planning to integrate such an application with my project. I have already been through all of the links you referred, but that didn't solve my purpose.


Dear Sparsh,

currently, it appears the compiled resource was not uploaded in your cloud dashboard.

You will find explanation in the following topics:


If you cannot still use your custom resource, please let us know.

Best regards,


I think this should solve the problem, thanks a lot

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